Lugana Classic DOC 2022 – Cantine Scolari

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Lugana Classic is a fresh and enjoyable white wine crafted from Turbiana grapes (Trebbiano di Lugana). It displays a light straw yellow color with greenish reflections. The nose is characterised by mineral notes with delicate citrus and green fruit aromas. On the palate, it’s refreshing with hints of cedar, grapefruit, and a pleasing balsamic and a lingering almond-like persistence in the finish.
This wine pairs perfectly with a variety of occasions, including aperitifs and seafood pasta dishes. It also complements shellfish, white meats, and veal.

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The passion for wine was born at the beginning of the last century, in 1929, when Pietro Scolari transformed his love for the land and its fruits into wine. It is a story of an inseparable bond between man and the territory of Valtènesi and Lake Garda, a region that bestows precious grape varieties. Years of history are reflected in the Groppello, Chiaretto, and Lugana wines. The Erian winery and Cantina Bottenago have reimagined the structure of Cantine Scolari without losing its essence – the love for the land, the vineyards, and the wine. The new mission is to treasure tradition while projecting this space into the future, respecting the rhythms of the land to ensure quality, and combining modern production and transformation methods from vine to bottling. Innovation is the key, while staying true to the values that have made Cantine Scolari a reference point, creating a new environment that can foster ideas and contemporaneity.

Lugana Trebbiano

Trebbiano di Lugana is a clone of Trebbiano di Soave, which is believed to be a clone of Verdicchio. These three grape varieties come together in one. Trebbiano di Lugana, known in the Lugana territory of lower LombardyVeneto Garda since the 15th century, gives life to one of Italy’s noblest white wines. Locally, it is also referred to as “Turbiana” in the dialect.
Trebbiano di Lugana is typically vinified as a dry white wine, occasionally with the influence of noble rot, to which it is quite prone. It can undergo aging for one year in steel on the lees, and it can also benefit from aging in wood, often resulting in subtle vanilla characteristics. Additionally, it can be produced as a sparkling wine, with heightened mineral acidity, and even as a passito style.
Lugana is a versatile wine, showcasing a spectrum of colours ranging from greenish to golden. On the nose, it reveals a range of fragrant floral and rich fruit notes, including citrus, apple, and peach. Often displaying pleasant mineral characteristics, it always maintains exceptional freshness and finesse, allowing the wines to age gracefully over time.


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