A country of complex, deep and rich viticultural history. Today, Spain has the biggest vineyard land aerea in the world, and the third largest producer of wine exceeded only by France and Italy.
From cool vineyards of the far north and northwest (create light, crisp, white wines, exemplified by Rias Baixas) to those in warmer, drier regions further inland (tend towards mid to full bodied, fruit-driven reds such as Rioja and Ribera del Duero) between its Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts, witness that Spain has an extremely varied climate with a lots micro-climates, each perfect for growing different kinds of grapes and wines; from great values to collectible treasures, from delicate whites to opulent reds.
Rioja is the Spain top wine region and synonymous of excellent.
The wines of Rioja are the most famous of Spain and its long tradition supports their fame; known for their savory, dusty flavors and ability to age. Made from Tempranillo, the flagship variety, that produces red wines with red fruit and leather aromas, high tannins and moderate to low acidity. Tempranillo is the third most-planted grape variety in the world, with the majority of plantings in the Iberian peninsula.