Lagrein DOC 2022 – Tramin


Ruby red with garnet reflections.
On the nose, the bouquet is fragrant with violets, blackberries, and cherries, accompanied by herbal notes. The pleasantly full taste offers ripe cherry, raspberry, bittersweet cocoa, and liquorice. The tannic structure blends with spicy tones, resulting in a wine with a persistent finish.
Excellent with many dishes from the South Tyrolean cuisine, particularly with game, venison, red meats, and aged and spicy cheeses.

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Red fruit
Black fruit





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Food Pairing
Wild game meat
Cheese (hard, mature)


Trentino Alto Adige

Grape Variety






Cantina Tramin, the home of Gewürztraminer, was established in 1898, in Trentino Alto Adige region, as a small project initiated by Christian Schrott, a priest from Termeno and a member of the Austrian Parliament. The aim was to provide sustenance and a future for mountain viticulturists. Through the strength of this union, Cantina Tramin has grown over time to become one of the most renowned cooperative wineries in the region and a recognised example worldwide.
In 1971, Tramin merged with the historic Cantina Sociale of Egna, founded in 1893. This union brought together a wealth of traditions and vineyards, including the prestigious Mazzon and Glen vineyards dedicated to Pinot Nero. With the arrival of our winemaker Willi Stürz in the 1990s, a clear shift towards quality emerged, leading to the launch of the Selezione wines project. This selection now includes Nussbaumer, Terminum, Unterebner, Stoan, Freisinger, Maglen, Urban, and Loam – the pinnacle of their winemaking expertise and the result of careful selection from our finest vineyards. From then on, our entire production has been oriented towards excellence.
Working together to create wines that are a harmonious expression of our environment is the guiding principle of Cantina Tramin.


Lagrein is a red grape variety that originates from the Trentino Alto Adige region in northern Italy. It is known for producing wines with deep color, intense flavours, and a distinct character.
In terms of appearance, Lagrein wines typically exhibit a deep ruby red color, often with violet hues. On the nose, they offer a fragrant bouquet of violets, blackberries, and cherries, accompanied by hints of herbs and spices.
On the palate, the wines showcase a medium to full body with a good level of acidity and firm tannins. The flavour profile is characterised by ripe cherry, raspberry, and dark berry fruit notes, along with nuances of cocoa, liquorice, and sometimes a touch of earthiness.
Lagrein wines are known for their bold and robust nature, often displaying an excellent balance between fruitiness and savoury elements. They have the potential for aging, allowing the tannins to soften and the flavours to develop more complexity over time.
Lagrein is a versatile grape that can be vinified into various styles of red wine, ranging from youthful and fruity to more structured and age-worthy expressions. It pairs well with a range of dishes, including roasted meats, game and aged cheeses.


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