Gewurztraminer Nussbaumer DOC 2021 – Tramin


The Nussbaumer is the ultimate expression of the Italian style of Gewürztraminer. The most awarded Gewürztraminer in Italy.
With a deep straw yellow color and golden reflections. Surprisingly aromatic on the nose with floral notes of rose petals, spicy white flowers such as lily, ylang-ylang, tiaré; exotic hints of ripe yellow fruit, melon, mango, passion fruit, lemon zest; aromatic spices like cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, ginger, saffron. Full-bodied, profound, spicy, juicy, intensely aromatic with freshness, and pronounced minerality that enhances with aging, making it even more seductive with an extremely persistent finish. It has a aging potential of 20 years.

“The only Gewürztraminers capable of competing with and standing up to those from Alsace are those from Alto Adige, and among them, Nussbaumer is the best.” Ian D’Agata

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Cheese (hard, mature)


Trentino Alto Adige

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Cantina Tramin, the home of Gewurztraminer, was established in 1898, in Trentino Alto Adige region, as a small project initiated by Christian Schrott, a priest from Termeno and a member of the Austrian Parliament. The aim was to provide sustenance and a future for mountain viticulturists. Through the strength of this union, Cantina Tramin has grown over time to become one of the most renowned cooperative wineries in the region and a recognised example worldwide.
In 1971, Tramin merged with the historic Cantina Sociale of Egna, founded in 1893. This union brought together a wealth of traditions and vineyards, including the prestigious Mazzon and Glen vineyards dedicated to Pinot Nero. With the arrival of our winemaker Willi Stürz in the 1990s, a clear shift towards quality emerged, leading to the launch of the Selezione wines project. This selection now includes Nussbaumer, Terminum, Unterebner, Stoan, Freisinger, Maglen, Urban, and Loam – the pinnacle of their winemaking expertise and the result of careful selection from our finest vineyards. From then on, our entire production has been oriented towards excellence.
Working together to create wines that are a harmonious expression of our environment is the guiding principle of Cantina Tramin.


Gewurztraminer is a white grape variety that is known for its aromatic and expressive nature. It originated in the Alsace region of France but is now cultivated in various wine regions around the world. Today, some of the finest expressions of this grape can be found in Germany and northern Italy.
The name Gewurztraminer translates to “spiced traminer,” indicating the grape’s distinct aromatic profile. It is characterised by its intense and exotic aromas, often reminiscent of lychee, rose petals, passion fruit, and spices such as ginger and cinnamon.
Gewurztraminer wines typically have a rich golden color. On the palate, they are medium to full-bodied, with a luscious texture and a slight hint of sweetness. The flavours are complex and layered, combining tropical fruits, floral notes, and a range of spices. The wine’s natural acidity provides balance and freshness, preventing it from becoming overly cloying.
This grape variety excels in cooler climate regions, where it can fully develop its aromatic potential. It is often used to produce aromatic white wines, ranging from dry to off-dry or even sweet styles. Gewurztraminer is highly versatile and pairs well with a variety of dishes. It is particularly well-suited to spicy cuisine, Asian dishes, strong cheeses, and aromatic desserts.



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