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Visciola , also known as Cherry Flavoured Wine, is a sweet and intensely aromatic beverage typical of the Marche region in Italy.
During the production of this typical beverage, two fermentations take place, where the sour Visciole (wild cherries), are never pressed to preserve the freshness of their aromas. In the first stage, the slightly overripe sour cherries ferment in demijohns exposed to the sun for 40 days. At the end of this period, a syrup and exhausted cherries are obtained. They are then separately re-fermented for 3 weeks with Lacrima grape must. This process yields two products with different levels of sweetness, which are blended during the bottling phase.
The resulting beverage displays a deep red color, with a rich consistency and violet tones. It exudes pronounced aromas of sour cherries, violets, and Morello cherries. On the palate, it offers a clean, sweet, elegant, and harmonious experience. A total of 2,000 bottles of 500 ml are produced.

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Grape Variety

Lacrima di Morro d’Alba


Luigi Giusti



The vineyards are located on hilly terrain, facing south, ensuring optimal sun exposure for the grapes. The cultivation practices follow the principles of low environmental impact agriculture, with a focus on reducing the use of chemical products and adhering to organic criteria. Yield reduction techniques include limited fertiliser use, short pruning, and thinning out excess bunches.
During harvest, grapes are carefully selected based on their level of ripeness. They are hand-picked and placed in small crates, then promptly transported to the cellar, conveniently situated amidst the vineyards. The winery has long been dedicated to vinifying the grapes of the ancient indigenous Lacrima di Morro d’Alba vine, which was once at risk of disappearing but now represents an exceptional characteristic of the Marche region. The production guidelines of this DOC mandate that vinification and bottling operations must take place within the authorised territory, encompassing six small municipalities in the Province of Ancona.
“My father and I had a dream, working to make the hills of Montignano a special place that testified how strong the bond that united us to the land and our vineyards was. These wines are dedicated to Luigino Giusti and his big heart”. 


Visciola, also known as “vino di visciole” in Italian, its a Cherry Flavoured Wine originates from the Marche region in Italy. It is a sweet and intensely aromatic beverage made using sour cherries, which are wild cherries known for their tart flavour and natural sweetness. During production, the cherries are not pressed but instead undergo fermentation together with their juice, preserving their distinctive aromas.
The cherries are harvested when slightly overripe to ensure a high sugar content and a complex flavour profile. Fermentation converts the sugars in the cherries into alcohol, resulting in a sweet beverage with a lower alcohol content compared to traditional wines.
Sour cherry wine has a deep red color, a rich aroma, and a sweet, fruity flavour reminiscent of ripe sour cherries. It is often enjoyed as a dessert wine or used as an ingredient in cocktails. Pair it with chocolate desserts or creamy cheeses, or simply savour it on its own for a unique tasting experience.
In summary, Visciola is a regional delicacy that celebrates the flavour and heritage of wild sour cherries in the Marche region. Its sweet taste and aromatic profile experience are truly distinctive.

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