Vermentino Prendas DOC 2020 – Dolianova


The wine exhibits a delicate straw yellow color with subtle greenish reflections. It boasts an intense, fresh, and fruity aroma, accompanied by prominent floral notes. On the palate, it delivers a powerful and enduring flavour, complemented by a pleasant acidity that imparts liveliness. The finish reveals a delicate and distinctive bitter undertone, contributing to its overall complexity.
When it comes to food pairings, this wine is a perfect match for seafood appetisers, grilled fish, and seafood stews. Its refreshing and vibrant character harmonises exquisitely with the diverse flavours of the sea.

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The name Dolianova in Sardinia has always been synonymous with the production of quality wines. The establishment of Cantine di Dolianova in 1949 aimed to continue and elevate this tradition. In those early years, when Sardinia was still in its developmental stages and significantly different from today, a collective of winemakers formed a cooperative effort to enhance the value and personal investment in their labor, leveraging their collective strength.
For 70 years, the Cantine’s values have been passed down through generations, including a deep love for the land, a passion for the vineyards, and a commitment to constant improvement to produce wines of exceptional quality. Today, they continue to diligently work towards delivering the highest standard using the finest Sardinian grape varieties.
The Cantine di Dolianova looks forward to the future with strength and a profound understanding gained from 70 years of history. Their wisdom is rooted in a winemaking tradition that spans 3,000 years, adding to their readiness for what lies ahead.


When one thinks of Sardinia, Vermentino immediately comes to mind. The island is undoubtedly one of the regions where this grape variety shines, having been introduced to Gallura in the late 19th century and subsequently spread throughout the entire island. Here, Vermentino expresses itself at its best, giving birth to a white wine with a strong personality that is remarkably different from the homonymous blends found in other Italian regions.
Vermentino finds a unique expression in Sardinia, showcasing its full potential within the island’s specific terroir. The climate, soil, and proximity to the sea all contribute to the development of Vermentino wines with a distinct character and flavour profile. It presents a vibrant straw yellow color, accompanied by enticing aromas of ripe fruits, delicate floral nuances, and the refreshing breeze of the Mediterranean. It embodies the essence of this remarkable region, inviting wine enthusiasts to embark on a sensory journey that showcases the best of what Sardinia has to offer.

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