Verdicchio Serra Fiorese DOCG 2017 – Garofoli


Brilliant Lemon in colour, the bouquet is complex and fine; scents of ripe fruit and fresh yellow flowers, combined with the vanilla aromas of the wood, highly persistent. In barriques for about 11 months with stirring of the pomace during initial months and refinement in the bottle for at least one year in a temperature-controlled environment. Rich, complex and seductive, goes perfectly with smoked fish, risottos, mature cheeses and white meats, even spicy versions.

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Stone fruit




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The origins of the Garofoli winery starts in the end of the 19th century, from 1871, when Antonio Garofoli had already began the production and sale of local wines. His son Gioacchino continued and expanded the paternal business. In 1901, he founded the Gioacchino Garofoli winery. His two sons, Franco and Dante, succeeded him in management of the estate after World War II. Gioacchino Garofoli became a company in 1950 and embarked on a process of strong development. Following tradition, Franco’s sons, Carlo and Gianfranco, joined the family company’s staff in the early seventies. They worked together with the preceding generation for more than 20 years and they energetically promoted further development of the winery from both the production and commercial standpoints. The Gioacchino Garofoli winery is now a joint-stock company owned and run by brothers Gianfranco and Carlo who are chairman and vice chairman, respectively. In September of 2005 the fifth generation entered the Garofoli company: Carlo’s daughter Beatrice and Gianfranco’s daughter and son, Caterina and Gianluca.

Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi

Here it proves to be one of Italy’s finest native white grapes, capable of outstanding longevity. It’s in the province of Ancona where you’ll find the Castelli di Jesi DOC and DOCG. The name means the Verdicchio of the castles of Jesi. It refers to the numerous hilltop villages that dominate this region, surrounding the central town of Jesi. Each has its medieval fortress. Communities such as Staffolo, Cupramontana, Montecarrotto, Castelbellino and Castelplanio are some of the main gems. They are balconies offering breathtaking views of their surrounding landscapes. This Marche coastal region, when seen from above, resembles a giant hair-comb. Numerous river valleys cut through limestone and run east-west to the Adriatic. Cooling sea breezes blow unimpeded up these valleys from the coast. Some call Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi “the white Barolo”. That conjures associations of complexity, delicacy, longevity and high quality. Indeed, the best wines are genuinely world-class; beautifully aromatic and fresh when young, yet capable of developing over many years in bottle. At its best, Verdicchio is distinctive, unique and glorious. The older they get, the more complicated they become, and many will peak at between five and ten years. So do buy one bottle to drink now, and another to put away.



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