Sauvignon Blanc DOC 2019 – Castello di Buttrio

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Straw yellow in colour, very aromatic yet elegant with distinctive yellow peppers, sage, tropical fruits, peach and melon. Full-bodied, smooth with an excellent structure and nicely gauged acidity. Marvellous with shellfish in general, scampi in particular and pasta alla busara. Ideal with lobster, fish baked with Mediterranean herbs. Excellent with aromatic spring herb risottos.

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Friuli Venezia Giulia

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Sauvignon Blanc


Castello di Buttrio



From generation to generation. Marco Felluga purchased the property in 1994 and began the restoration of the castle and historic vineyards, the real heritage of the company. A project that is being currently carried on by his daughter Alessandra and his granddaughters with determination and dedication, reflecting their personality and style.
Today, Castello di Buttrio is at the center of a story where past, present and future coexist in perfect harmony. The castle is made up of buildings dating back to different time periods which have been exquisitely restored. The old vineyards coexist with the new ones. All this contributes to the identity of a unique place.
The terroir provides the ideal conditions for the vine, the grapes express their full potential, through the land that makes them grow, thanks to a perfect balance between water, wind, sun and soil. The ponca, or flysch, is a special parent rock typical of this area, a sedimentary formation consisting of repeated layers of generally marly limestone and sandstone deposited by water flow in the Eocene period.

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is one of the most widespread wines in the world and we can find endless interpretations of this noble grape that is thought to have been born in the Loire, although some theories state it is originally from Bordeaux.
The origin of its name derives from “sauvage” (wild) due to its origins of native plant of the French south-west. It can do well in cooler areas within Europe, including parts of Austria and Hungary.
In New Zealand, it produces a stunning array of pungently, assertive characters, from the green grass and asparagus flavours to the more tropical, ripe spectrum of grapefruit, passion fruit and mango.
The Sauvignon cause has also been taken up to good and affordable effect by Chile and South Africa, whose cooler spots are proving ideal for this wonderfully zingy, fresh grape variety. In Italy, Sauvignon Blanc has found fertile ground on the marl and sandstone of the hills of Collio Goriziano and the Colli Orientali del Friuli, where it dominates together with the Friulano, making Friuli an obligatory destination for every white wine lover.

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