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This ancestral rosé wine is a blend of white (Glera) and red grapes (Merlot). Re-fermented in the bottle and unfiltered, it is elegant, flavourful, and well-structured. The taste resembles freshly squeezed grapes with hints of peaches. On the palate, the fragrance is persistent and balanced, with aromas of ripe fruit. It can be enjoyed clear, leaving the sediments at the bottom, or by gently swirling the bottle to enhance the intensity of the aromas.


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Red fruit
Stone fruit





Serve At
Food Pairing
Cured meats
Cheese (soft, mild)



Grape Variety

Glera, Merlot





Riccardo Zanotto annually creates Ancestral wines (Pet Nat) with lees and Prosecco sparkling wines, using grapes from trusted producers and from his family’s vineyard. He’s aware that each terroir, whether hilly or flat, exposed to full sun or sheltered, imparts a specific personality to the final result. With the collaboration and guidance of an expert winemaker, he is able to bottle his exact vision of wine.
Zanotto collection of wines can be divided into two important types: sparkling wines made using the Martinotti method, with the secondary fermentation occurring in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature and pressure (autoclave), and wines made using the ancient “Ancestral” method. In this method, the second fermentation occurs spontaneously in the bottle, and the yeast and sediments remain deposited inside, without any filtration or correction interventions.
This is the ancient method used by farmers long before modern sparkling wine technologies became widespread.
Each of these wines possesses a unique and surprising personality for those who wish to explore new (yet actually ancient) taste experiences.

Pet Nat “Pétillant Naturel”

Pet Nat wines, short for “Pétillant Naturel,” are natural sparkling wines that follow an Ancestral method of production. These wines are produced through spontaneous fermentation, where the grape must is bottled while still partially fermenting, without the addition of sugar or external yeasts. During the bottle fermentation, the gas produced is trapped, creating a light natural effervescence.
Pet Nat wines are known for their freshness and vibrancy. They can show a wide range of aromatic characteristics, ranging from fruity and floral notes to more complex and earthy nuances. Their effervescence is often delicate and lively, providing a sense of lightness on the palate.
As Pet Nat wines are produced naturally, they can vary from vintage to vintage and from bottle to bottle. Each bottle can showcase a unique and surprising personality, making the exploration of these wines an adventurous and intriguing experience.
Pet Nat wines are usually perfect to enjoy as an aperitif or paired with light dishes such as salads, seafood appetisers, or fresh cheeses. Their liveliness and complexity make them an excellent choice for those seeking alternative and captivating sparkling wines that offer a taste of wine history and tradition.
Riccardo Zanotto

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