Extravirgin Olive Oil 500ml – Caroli


These extravirgin olive oils, are typical regional products characterized by a yellow gold color, a lightly fruity and round taste. For example the Caroli one links with every taste and it is suitable for the preparation of raw and cooked dishes. What makes these products special is their Free acidity: not higher than 0.40 percent at bottling.

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FAPI - Consorzio

The Consorzio “Frantoi Artigiani e Piccole Imprese” (Artisan Oil Mills & Small Companies) has a specific yet simple mission: to offer consumers healthy and natural products at a fair price. With this
project, artisan oil mills are recognised as oil producers who can personally guarantee the quality of their products by having complete control over the entire production process, starting from growing the olives to the finished bottle which ends up on our table, guaranteeing transparency.
So, how can you recognize the quality of an Extra Virgin Olive Oil? It’s not easy to answer: every oil is different and has its own taste, which depends on the variety (cultivar), the soil where the olives were grown and on the transformation method used. The label can help you and gives you important information: check if it’s specified where the production and bottling took place, the name of the oil mill, if the olives are from Italy and produced with the care and skill of a recognised oil master. The Consortium of “Frantoi Artigiani e Piccole Imprese”, marks its bottles with a recognizable sticker, guaranteeing
the entire production chain.