Cacc e Mmitte DOP 2019 – Cantina la Marchesa

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The blend is 60% Nero di Troia, 30% Montepulciano and 10% Bombino Bianco, ages for 6 months in oak and in the bottle for aging.
Bright ruby ​​color, intense red fruit aromas with hints of underbush, licorice, and toasted notes. Medium body with a good tannic structure and a long, lingering finish.
Cacc e Mmitte in the native language means “Put and Remove”. The name is originated by the winemaking process in which the grapes were added non stop into the same vine crusher.

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Red fruit





Serve At
Food Pairing
Cured meats
Cheese (hard, mature)



Grape Variety

Bombino Bianco, Montepulciano, Nero di Troia


Cantina La Marchesa



Cantina La Marchesa was established 10 years ago by Marika and Sergio, whose passion for the land and winemaking led them to make their dream come true. Based in the town of Lucera, in the northern part of Puglia, their 14hectares of vineyards are just 300 mt from the cellar making harvesting as efficient as possible, in terms of time-cutting procedures and keeping the grape’s aromas intact, ensuring the quality of the final product. By fully respecting traditions and working just with Puglia native varieties such as Nero di Troia and Bombino Bianco, all processes are strictly carried out by hand by experienced high skilled workers. In Spring time, excessive leaves are removed in order to allow the warm Puglian sun to ripen the grapes, which later are pruned to let only the best clusters become wine. They strongly believe that a good wine can only be made if there’s passion and hard work in the vineyards. From growing the grapes to wine making, bottling and selling the final product, Cantina La Marchesa takes care of the whole production process.

Cacc e Mmitte

It’s a DOC wine (denomination attributed in 1975) whose production is allowed in the area between the slopes of the Dauno Apennines and in the town of Lucera, Biccari, Troia.
Cacc e Mmitte di Lucera is still today produced in full respect of tradition, but according to modern oenological technologies.
The name of the Cacc e Mmitte is very original and literally translates as “take out and put in”, an old traditional practice of renting tanks to farmers during harvest time. They were supposed to be quick and prepare to take out (Cacc’e) the must by the end of the day and allow the next farmer to fill the tank (Mmitte) with their grapes.
A Wine that goes perfectly with the traditional Mediterranean dishes such as baked pasta with meat sauce and Apulian pasta with vegetables. Among the main courses, it’s wonderful with a succulent grilled sausage, roasted white meats, pork and lamb in the oven or stewed, grilled red meats, spicy meats and aged sheep cheeses.

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