Abruzzo, an enchanting region in central Italy, remains one of Italy’s best-kept secrets. It boasts breathtaking landscapes, ranging from the majestic Apennine mountains to the charming Adriatic Sea shores. The region has a rich winemaking tradition, with sprawling vineyards adorning its hills and plains. Abruzzo’s Mediterranean climate and mountain influences create ideal conditions for cultivating a variety of native grape varietals.
Among Abruzzo’s notable wines, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo stands out as a flagship red wine. Crafted from the Montepulciano grape, it exhibits a deep ruby color, robust body, and flavours of dark berries and spices. Another esteemed red wine from the region is Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo, made from the Montepulciano grape with a shorter maceration period, resulting in a lively and vibrant rosé-like wine.
For white wine enthusiasts, Trebbiano d’Abruzzo is a popular choice. This crisp and refreshing white wine, made from the Trebbiano grape, offers delicate floral aromas, citrus flavours, and a zesty acidity. Pecorino, another indigenous grape variety, produces aromatic white wines with notes of tropical fruits, herbs, and a distinctive mineral character.
Abruzzo’s winemaking heritage, influenced by civilisations including the ancient Romans, spans centuries. Today, modern winemaking techniques blend harmoniously with traditional practices, resulting in wines that showcase authenticity and innovation. Whether exploring vineyards, savouring local cuisine, or immersing in the region’s natural beauty, Abruzzo promises an unforgettable wine experience. Indulge in the rich flavours and unique character of Abruzzo wines, and discover why it has become a hidden gem for wine enthusiasts worldwide.