Beer West Coast Pale Ale, Run Wild – Frank+Otis


A smooth, light, full flavoured pale ale. Packed with aromatic hops from New Zealand and the USA, where the rugged landscapes inspire you to run wild and live free. -bottle 330ml-

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frank + otis

Frank+Otis is run by friends Rob and Steve. They both ran their own businesses and got to know each other when working out of the same shared office. Over the years working together they discovered they had a number of things in common; a recognition of the importance of family and friends, a positive outlook on life, and a love of beer! It’s out of these principles that the idea for Frank+Otis was born.

On the 7th October 2018 Steve’s brother died. Ben collapsed at the finish line of the Cardiff Half Marathon and passed away instantly when he went into cardiac arrest. He was 25 years old, fit and healthy.

Rob and Steve had worked together for a number of years, and their friendship became even stronger in the time following the half marathon.

In the time working together they would often talk about joint business ventures that would be fun to do, a brewing company among them. When Steve returned to work Rob said, “Let’s stop talking about it, let’s go for it, life’s too short, let’s have some fun!” And so Frank+Otis was born.

As this venture is inspired by Ben, they want it to be a tribute to him and to reflect his values. Ben was great at pulling people together, organising social events, always hosting BBQ’s or pizza nights at our family home. He was happiest when surrounded by friends or family and with a good beer in his hand.

This is what Frank+Otis is about, bringing people together over a beer, sharing good times, developing relationships, having fun and making memories