Trebbiano Spoletino DOC 2019 – Cantina Pardi


Delicately scented with white spring blossom and a whiff of tropical fruit, this medium-bodied white, made with the native Trebbiano Spoletino grape, offers pineapple, ripe melon, nectarine zest and a touch of minerality. Lively acidity brightens the palate with a rich, medium to full-bodied texture. The finish is long, clean and refreshing.

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Cantine Pardi



Cantina Fratelli Pardi story begins in 1919 when the three brothers, Alfredo, Francesco and Alberto establish it. The winery was, back then, located on the ground floor of the San Marco Hospital, that belonged to the stately building of Saint Francis in Montefalco. The grapes, used in the wine production, partly belonged to the family and some were bought from other local landowners.
White and red wines were produced and marketed, but it was the Sagrantino, exclusively Passito, to be the foremost. The wines were sold all over Umbria, and eventually out of the region, to eminent customers such as the Vatican. In 2002 the founders’ great grand-sons, Francesco, Gianluca Rio and Alberto Mario, driven by the will of the Pardi family to keep on the tradition, and with the help of their parents Agostino and Alberto, restore the building in Montefalco and revive their great-grandfathers’ winery. Today the brothers Alberto Mario and Gianluca Rio, with their enthusiasm and hard work, are the new era of the Pardi wine’s legacy.

Trebbiano Spoletino

Trebbiano Spoletino is an indigenous white grape variety that hails from the Umbria region of Italy, specifically around the town of Spoleto. It is known for producing wines with exceptional character and depth.
In appearance, Trebbiano Spoletino wines typically exhibit a bright golden color, sometimes with hints of green. On the nose, they offer an enticing bouquet of aromatic herbs, citrus fruits, and delicate floral notes.
The palate is where Trebbiano Spoletino truly shines. It showcases a harmonious balance of crisp acidity and a rich, full-bodied texture. Flavours of ripe tropical fruits, such as pineapple and mango, mingle with zesty lemon and a touch of minerality. The finish is long and refreshing, leaving a lingering impression of its complex and vibrant character. Trebbiano Spoletino is a versatile white wine that can be enjoyed on its own as an aperitif or paired with a variety of dishes. It pairs particularly well with seafood, grilled vegetables, and fresh cheeses. With its unique expression and regional identity, it is a true gem in the world of Italian white wines.


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