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Emilia Romagna


Acetaia D Ricordano stems from more than thirty years of experience in balsamic vinegar production by Dodi Ricordano, “Mastro Acetaio” (master vinegar craftsman) who inherited this passion from his grand-mother.

Dodi Ricordano – Dano to his friends – developed his expertise from the many years he spent taking care of his own collection of casks, which he inherited from his grandmother. In 2000 Dano founded the Acetaia Dodi (the Dodi Vinegar Factory), expanding its sales into thirty countries around the world. The premises of the Acetaia are in Casalgrande, in a hilly surrounding, where many other excellent “made in Italy” products are manufactured, such as Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and Lambrusco, the second best-seller Italian wine in the world.

His life and his work now revolve continually around balsamic vinegar. In recent years Dodi has travelled to Russia, Argentina and China to share his expertise at balsamic vinegar conferences.

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